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Adna Petrified Wood
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What this area is known for:
1.Petrified Wood - State gem stone
2.Fossils - Nationally known Eocene site.
3.Agates - commonly found in numerous areas of state.
4.Pyrite & quartz - huge pyrite crystals near North Bend,WA
5. Calcite and zeolites - from many lava flows in SW WA
Biggest finds in this area:
1.Kennewick Man - Kennewick,Wa

2.Ritchy-Clovis site - East Wenatchee,Wa

3.Stonerose Fossil site - Republic,Wa

4. Denny Mt. - best in US amethyst scepter quartz

5. Spruce Ridge - famous quartz & pyrite locality in Cascades
Local appraisers:
1. www.desertgemstudio.com
Local geocaching/treasure hunting clubs:
1. East KingCo Gem & Mineral club
2. Washington State Mineral Council
Spring,Summer and Fall. Other helpful resources:
1. http://www.stonerosefossil.org
2. http://www.geologyadventures.com
3. http://www.blueagates.com
4. http://www.dnr.wa.gov/geology/
5. http://www.blm.gov/or/index.php

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Location #1: Saddle Mountain
Bureau of Land Management

(General description: Great petrified wood. The Discussion Forum has a world of information about this site. Pictures can be found on the Photo Gallery. Rockhounders regularly come from as far away as British Columbia and the Oregon coast as well as other parts of the U.S. to converge on the Saddle Mountains in search of petrified wood that is abundant at several locations on the mountains. Elevation range from 486 feet to 2,700 feet. The fossil trees found at Saddle Mountain include: sycamore, sweet gum, live oak, alder, beech, elm, and Tetracentron types among other hardwoods and softwoods.
How to get there: Grant County in central Washington, 10 miles south of Interstate Highway 90. The southwestern portion of the Saddle Mountains can be accessed from Highway 24 via"R" Road, one mile east of the town of Mattawa and County right of way via O road, 4 miles east of Mattawa.The eastern portion can be accessed from Highway 24 via Corfu Road located at the entrance to the Wahluke Wildlife Recreation Area (about 20 miles east of Mattawa). This road crosses the mountain and eventually intersects Highway 26 at Corfu, Washington

Contact "washingtonian" on the Forum; or send me a message.

washatonian Welcome to the beauty of Washington.
Sunrise on Mount Rainier from Sunrise.
Grade this location: (A to F): A++ GPS coordinates:
Parking area on the Mountain
N 46°48.42
W 119°53.25

Lep-re-com Harvest Foods Grocery Store (a check) At Mattawa WA. West side of town just at the top of the hill off the highway, less than a 1/2 mile, on the right.
N 46°44.24
W 119°54.61
Handy to bring along:
1. Shovel
3. Rock hammer
4. Buckets or hand truck (I'm not kidding)
5. Plenty of water
6. The Grandchildren

Hey Mom. look here
Helpful notes to newcomers:
I have added pictures of the petrified wood and the friendly folks on our site.
Saddle Mtn woodSaddle Mtn - 5/08
Location #2: Adna

General description: Carnelian (Orange and Blood Red), petrified wood, and fancy jaspers can be found at this site.

The following report on collecting was posted by: (syonix) on the "Discussion Forum"

Park on the west side and take the logging road on the right (west) to the split in the trail 50 yards, and then right on the trail about 200 yards to another small trail on the right. A little trail goes down to a creek from here. I've pulled all the material out of the first 100 feet or so.. I could work this place for years and never cover it all lol.. it seems under every rock is something red and pretty. On each successive trip I've managed to get a bigger and bigger deep blood red clear agate..
How to get there:
  • Take I-5 to exit 77 (Highway 6 Exit)
  • Head West on 6 for 4.4 miles.
  • Turn right onto Bunker Creek Rd. for 3.6 miles.
  • Turn left onto Ceres Hill Rd. for 1.7 miles.
    For more information visit : home.comcast.net/~wams1939/trips

  • High Resolution Detailed Topo Map Available Here

    Site 1: Diggings
    On the east and west sides of the parking spot are diggings for 100 yards in every direction. pick and spot and go.

    Site 2: Creek
    On the west side there is an old logging road that is blocked by debris. follow this road for about 0.3 miles, staying right, to some flagging. At this point there is a faint trial to the right. follow this trail down to the stream (about 350 ft) and then head upstream for an additional 0.15 miles.

  • Grade this location: (A to F):

    Site 1: Diggings: Grade A
    Site 2: Creek: Grade C
    GPS coordinates:
    Parking on Road
    123° 6'36.36"W
    Handy to bring along:
    1. Shovel
    2. Pick
    3. Buckets
    4. Bucket
    5. Bug Spray
    Adna Agate

    Helpful notes to newcomers:
    • Hit an area not picked over by the people who visit the site. This site is very well known and is usually packed on the weekends.
    • Don't be afraid to just start digging anywhere here, the most impressive finds are found in the ground not in the creek.
    • Avoid digging on wet days, the clay is very tough,sticky and hard to get out of clothes.
    • Avoid going up the creek too far, you will hit private property.

    Location #3: Any recently burned areas in the forests.

    (Local beach, park, etc)
    This was up the Entiat River Valley

    General description: Find recent forest fire burned areas, last couple of year maxed, or any other area of recently disturbed areas and walk!
    How to get there:
    Grade this location: (A to F): B GPS coordinates: It is always changing

    Handy to bring along:
    1. Good shoes
    2. Mushroom bag
    3. Lots of water

    Washington - Travel Channel Cash and Treasures
    Helpful notes to newcomers: Never pick or eat any mushroom unless you have gone to schooling about mushrooms or are collecting with someone with a lot of experience. Don't pick or eat any mushrooms unless you are absolutely certain it is safe to eat.

    Find out from the forest service of any recent controlled burns or forest fires during the past year or so. Once the snow is off start walking the areas. It is always a bit better after a warming trend. And if it has been warm and dry for an extended period of time, a day or so after a good rain may help. Be prepared to walk a lot and keep looking down. Always use a knife to cut the mushroom off above the ground to leave the root system intact.

    Location #4: Ellensburg Blue Agates

    General description: The most prized Washington Agate. It is rare, hard and a spectacular gemstone. A 6mm faceted clear blue stone sold for $1200 and gold ring with a marquise cut about 20x10 mm; sold for $3000. These agates are not laying all over the place for a rockhound to find. It takes hours of searching to find a genuine Blue. The hardness on the stone is a 7.5 on the Mohs scale.
    How to get there:
    Found only in the northwest corner of the lower Kittitas Valley near Ellensburg. The city is located at the intersection of I 82 and I 90 southeast of Seattle.
    Kittitas valley is a few miles northwest of Ellensburg.
    A typical exposure is the highway cut on US10, 8 miles northwest of town. The formation is about 19 million years old. But it has never consolidated, that is it has not compressed into rock. The landslide bluffs along the Ellensburg hills across the river from Thorp are continually shedding stones on US10. Reecer Creek and Dry Creek are the best sites of the past to find blues..
    Grade this location: (A to F):

    Ellensburg Blue Agate
    GPS coordinates:

    Ellensburg blue agate

    Handy to bring along:
    1. Hand tools
    2. Small Handy Mattock Pick
    3. Collecting bag (you won't need a big one)

    Washington - Travel Channel Cash and Treasures
    Helpful notes to newcomers:
    A great day hunting the famous blues is to find one.

    Yakima Indian Nation

    Yakama Nation - Ellensburg Washington
    "For the past 86 years, members of the Yakama Indian Nation have trekked down Craig’s Hill on horseback, officially opening the Ellensburg Rodeo and Fair."

    Location #5: Hansen Creek

    General description: Quartz, Chrysocola ,Goethite and Amethyst can be found at this site.The geology of the area is an uplift and erosion of the Old Cascade Volcanic Arc exposed plutonic rock of the Snoqualmie Batholith near Snoqualmie Pass.

    For more information visit:

    Washington - Travel Channel Cash and Treasures Washington - Travel Channel Cash and Treasures
    How to get there:
    Hansen Creek is on the south side of the Interstate going east to the Pass. Get off at either Tinkham road access and circle back along the interstate until you reach Hansen Creek road. Go up, go under the trestle, up a little ways more, and there is a dirt road going off to the left. If you have a good rig and don't care about your paint job you can drive in, but the trees and brush are thick on both sides and they will scrape your car. I've parked here and walked in; it's about a mile and change. Take the road all the way until it becomes a trail, and follow it to the diggings. Bob Jackson's old guidebook showed more material way up top, but if I remember you had to etch the calcite away from the quartz
    Grade this location: (A to F): A GPS coordinates:
    47°23'29"N , 121°31'46"W

    Handy to bring along:
    1. Hand pick
    2. Shovel
    3. Rock hammer
    4. Back pack
    Helpful notes to newcomers:
    There are camps down along the river. Be sure to pack up any litter you can, as it all gets blamed on rockhounds
    Location #6: Greenwater

    General description: Black and red agates can be found at this site.

    Washington - Travel Channel Cash and Treasures
    How to get there:
    • From Enumclaw follow Hwy 410 for about 19.1 miles.
    • Turn left onto Forest service rd. 70 for 5.8 miles.
    • Turn right onto FR 72 for 0.7 miles
    • Turn left onto FR 7220 for 1.0 miles
    • Turn right onto FR 7222 for 1.1 miles
    • Bear right onto 7222 (210) for 1.1 miles
    • Turn right onto a small dirt road 8017.8 for about 0.1 miles to a large flat area. This is a good camp site.
    Site information can be found @
    Grade this location: (A to F): GPS coordinates:
    N 47.101167
    W 121.52205

    Handy to bring along:
    2.Rock hammer
    Helpful notes to newcomers:
    The forest road is good up to the last 1/4 mile, then a ATU is required or you can walk.

    Location #7: Stonerose Interpretive Center

    General description: Visit Stonerose and search for your own fossils in our Eocene fossil beds.
    The picture is an actual fossils found at the site. Truly amazing fossils.
    Florissantia quilchenensis
    How to get there:
    Stonerose Interpretive Center is located at 15-1 N. Kean Street, on the corner of Kean Street and Highway 20 W., across from the city park in beautiful Republic, Washington.

    Visit this link for more information:
    Grade this location: (A to F):A++ GPS coordinates:

    Handy to bring along:
    1. Hand tools
    2. Rock hammer
    3. Bag for your fossils
    4. Cold Chisel
    5. Tools can be rented
    Helpful notes to newcomers
    The Stonerose Interpretive Center is handicapped accessible. Only a limited number fossils can be taken home. The Interpretive center is an educational opportunity for the whole family. The fossils you find will be identified by the staff. Bring the kids and watch their eyes light up.

    Location #8: Lucas Creek

    General description: Lucas creek is well known for agate, jasper, and petrified wood.

    Washington - Travel Channel Cash and Treasures
    Nice piece of agate from the creek.
    How to get there:
  • Take I-5 to exit 71 (508 Exit)
  • Head east on 508 for 2.4 miles.
  • Turn Left onto Jackson Hwy for 1.8 miles.
  • Turn Right onto North Fork Rd. for 4.9 miles
  • Turn right onto Lucas Creek rd. for 4.1 miles to just before it turns into a gravel road. On your right you will see a gated road.
  • Keep going another .25 miles on the gravel road, you will see the creek on either side and parking.
  • Visit the following site for more information:


    Washington - Travel Channel Cash and Treasures

  • Grade this location: (A to F): GPS coordinates:

    Handy to bring along:
    2.Good shoes for wading
    3.Small hand tool
    Helpful notes to newcomers
    The collecting materials are found on the gravel bars, in the stream, along the banks and at road cuts in the area.

    Location #9: Cherry Creek

    General description: The site is known for multicolored jaspers and black petrified wood with marcisite.

    Washington - Travel Channel Cash and Treasures Jasper from the site
    How to get there:
    • Head north out of Duvall on 203.
    • Turn right onto NE Cherry valley road for 4.2 miles.
    • Stay Right at the Junction of Mountain View Rd. This will turn into Kelly Rd. Follow Kelly road for 2.4 miles.
    • Turn left onto NE Stossel Creek Way for 1.4 miles to Macworth Stat forest sign.
    • Continue straight on Stossel Creek Rd NE. for about 5.0 miles to a bridge crossing a small creek.
    A map is available at the following link:

    Grade this location: (A to F): GPS coordinates:

    Handy to bring along:
    2.Wading shoes
    Helpful notes to newcomers:
    The creek has to be low enough the collect at the site.

    Location #10: Jones Creek Quarry

    General description: The location seems to be a starting point for people who want to ride their dirt bikes around this area so when I got there I found a few families unpacking their ATVs and Bikes.. No one seemed to care about the mountain of rock behind them. I quietly got my gear and slipped behind the mountain of rocks. To my surprise I found some large supporting boulders on the back side holding up the pile. There is a dug wall at this site that yielded that large crystal chunk i have a picture of in the album. I also found when breaking some of the large rocks, a deposit of various minerals layered in the rock .. After a few trips to this location I've managed to get a nice collection pretty stones. The trick here is to go behind the large rock piles (and i mean large) and work the wall or the supporting rocks at the base. The crystals are in the wall, and the base boulders have some nice surprises as well.
    How to get there: From either northbound or southbound I-5, take I-205 exit towards Vancouver, WA. Use Hwy 500 East (Exit 30-Orchards Exit). Go east on Hwy 500 to Fourth Plain (1st light) and turn right continuing on Hwy 500 East (Camas). Go 6.3 miles, turn left on 53rd St. Go 3.2 miles, turn left on Ireland Rd. Go .3 miles turn left on Lessard Rd. Continue on Lessard Road for 4 miles and follow signs to Jones Creek OR

    From parking lot, go straight ahead up the hill. got approx 1-1.1 miles to the top of the hill, when you come to a three way intersection take a LEFT. 100 feet or so you will have a HARD LEFT again that will go UP the hill a a good steep angle. this takes you to the quarry.
    Grade this location: (A to F)
    Washington - Travel Channel Cash and Treasures
    GPS coordinates: W122-18'39.13" N45-40'0.39"
    Handy to bring along:
    1. Rock hammer
    2. Buckets
    3. Sledge hammer (3lb and 8lb)
    4. Safety glasses
    5. Gloves
    Helpful notes to newcomers
    • There are lots of ORV riders in the area, be careful on the drive up.
    • Avoid this place in the winter the roads can get muddy and you can get stuck.

    Location #11: Red Top Mountain

    General description: This is a mountain of basalt which you can find Blue Agates, Geodes blue and clear (quartz), and various colored Jasper with red and blue/green being the most common. You can either use pick and shovel to dig into the ground or hammer and chisel to actually pick the goodies out of the basalt.

    This area has been picked over pretty heavily over the years. But there are areas unsearched to this day. A lot of the digging is getting farther and farther away from parking areas so do be prepared to walk a bit. It is a fun place to go and hunt for treasures.

    Just another pic of our dirty agate finds
    How to get there: There are several ways to get there. The best way is on highway 97. Take the Blue creek Exit which is located just north of Mineral Springs Restaurant on Blewett Pass. Not more than a 1/4 mile. Be careful exiting or entering the highway as the exit is on a sharp corner with not much visibility in both directions. This road is a gravel road in good shape. Passenger cars can make but it is easier if the upper portion of the road has been maintained a bit. Stay on the main road until you come across a Y in the road. The main road continues on to the Teanaway and the left fork to Red Top. This intersection is marked with good signs. This section of road is narrower than the main gravel road you first came up on. It is not graveled and is rough and rocky in several places. Passenger cars can male it, but they may have to be very careful in a few spots. It seems that people like to drive quite fast on this road so take it easy driving up and down.
    There are a few place to narrow for 2 cars to pass each other so be prepared to back up a little is need be. Be sure if you park at the main parking lot on top of the mountain that you have the Forest Service Parking Pass.

    There is a route from eh west side of the mountain up the Teanaway River but I am not familiar with it. Check a local map for more info.
    Grade this location: (A to F): B GPS coordinates: There isn't one spot to go to. Most of the mountain about 4000' is probably all good

    Handy to bring along:
    1. Insect repellent
    2. Extra water or fluids for drinking and washing off treasures.
    3. Shovel
    4. Pick
    5. Rock Hammer and chisels
    6. A bucket or bag to pack out treasures
    7. Forest Service Parking Pass
    Helpful notes to newcomers: Just keep digging! Find areas that are recently worked and find a place that looks like it hasn't been disturbed. Start digging looking at each and every rock closely. Sometimes it is just a little piece of agate or jasper lurking under the dirt that may catch you eye. A spray bottle is a must. Best of all have fun.

    Location #12: Cedar Ponds

    General description: This lake is one of the great places here in the Northern Cascade Range. Camping at Cedar Ponds Lake is magnificent fun. Colorless quartz, amethyst scepters (to several inches). Crystals are typically gemmy and exhibit hoppered faces.
    Link to minerals:
    How to get there: From Sultan take 311 Ave south to Ben Howard Road turn right (west). Turn south on Cedar Ponds Road. Turn right south on 299 Street to
    Dugger Lake Road and turn left. Arrive at Cedar Pond.
    Grade this location: (A to F):
    amethyst quartz scepter
    GPS coordinates:
    Latitude: 47.80611
    Longitude: -121.80417

    Handy to bring along:
    1. Hand Tools
    2. Bucket
    3. Rock hammer
    Helpful notes to newcomers:
    To clean quartz soak in hot oxalic acid.

    Location #13: Money Creek

    General description: Money Creek has plentiful amounts of picture jasper. The jasper came in many colors with brown or tan being the most prominent and some reds and blues.
    How to get there:
    From Skykomish, Travel west on U.S. Hwy. 2 approximately 2.5 miles to the campground on the left.
    Grade this location: (A to F): GPS coordinates:

    Handy to bring along:
    1. Rock hammer
    2. Rock bag
    3. Small pick - maul
    Helpful notes to newcomers:
    Money Creek Campground, located east of Skykomish, features 24 RV/Tent sites, picnic tables, grills, potable water, garbage, and toilets.

    Location #14: Salmon Creek

    General description:

    Copralites, Agate, Jasper and petrified wood.

    Link: home.comcast.net/~wams1939/trips/Salmon_Creek.htm
    How to get there:
  • Take I-5 to exit 63 (Pikes Hill Exit)
  • Head east on 505 (Winlock-Toledo Rd) for 5.3 miles.
  • Turn Right onto Kangas Rd. for 1 mile.
  • Turn Left onto Toledo-Salmon Creek Rd. for 0.5 miles
  • Turn right onto Salmon Creek rd. for 0.8 miles to a Y in the road.
  • Bear right onto 1571 for 0.1 miles to Site A. (see detailed map below for more sites This site is located at the first bridge you cross on Salmon Creek Rd. Look in the gravel bars both up and down stream from this point. (upstream seems to have better gravel bars).

  • Grade this location: (A to F): GPS coordinates:
    N 46.411667

    Handy to bring along:
    2. Hand Tools
    Helpful notes to newcomers:
    Search the gravel bars and banks for materials. Some digging and screening may produce better material.

    Location #15: Deer Creek

    General description: Jade and Travertine can be found wading in the stream.

    Washington - Travel Channel Cash and Treasures
    How to get there:
    63.1 mi (about 1 hour 58 mins)
    1. Head west on Arlington-Darrington Rd/Seeman St/WA-530 toward Commercial Ave
    Continue to follow WA-530
    27.3 mi
    2. Turn left at N Manhattan St 0.1 mi
    3. Continue on N High St 0.1 mi
    4. Turn left at E 5th St 0.2 mi
    5. Turn right at N Stillaguamish Ave 0.2 mi
    6. Turn left at E 3rd St 174 ft
    7. Turn right at N Stillaguamish Ave 0.7 mi
    8. Continue on Burn Rd/Burn Hill Rd
    Continue to follow Burn Rd
    7.6 mi
    9. Turn left at 116th St NE 0.2 mi
    10. Turn right at 159th Ave NE/Burn Rd
    Continue to follow Burn Rd
    2.7 mi
    11. Turn right at Jordan Rd 0.3 mi
    12. Turn left at 96th St NE/WA-92
    Continue to follow WA-92
    0.6 mi
    13. Turn left at N Alder Ave/Mountain Loop Hwy
    Continue to follow Mountain Loop Hwy
    23.0 mi
    Grade this location: (A to F): GPS coordinates:
    Latitude 48.084 and Longitude -121.5554

    Handy to bring along:
    1. Bucket
    2. Rock hammer
    3. Wading shoes
    Helpful notes to newcomers
    Deer Creek Campground is positioned in an area with a number of great attractions.Wallace Falls State Park is too great to leave out of a trip to Deer Creek.

    Location #16: Denny Creek
    (Local beach, park, etc)

    General description:
    Quartz Scepters
    king's quartz Lightbrary scepter by schwigorphotos.
    How to get there:
    From Seattle, take I-90 east to Exit 47 (before Snoqualmie Pass). Turn left at the stop sign, and cross to the north (left) side of the freeway. At the "T," stay right on Road No. 58, and pass Denny Creek Campground at about three miles. A short distance past the campground, turn left onto a .2-mile road (No. 5830). For Franklin Falls, park in the lot near the bridge. If you are starting from the Wagon Road Trail, park at Franklin Falls, walk back to Road 58 and look for the trail head on the opposite side of the road. For Denny Creek or Melakwa Lake, continue to the end of Road No. 5830 and parking at 2,300 feet. Road No. 58 continues to Snoqualmie Pass, but the road is narrow and winding.
    Grade this location: (A to F): GPS coordinates:

    Handy to bring along:
    1. Rock hammer
    3. Rock bag
    Helpful notes to newcomers:
    Contact the Snoqualmie Ranger District at North Bend at 425-888-1421. Be sure to fill out a wilderness permit at the trailhead if you are heading to Denny Creek or Melakwa Lake

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