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Black Rock Park Georgia
What this area is known for:
1. Gold
2. Garnets
3. Quartz - star rose quartz, amethyst, rock crystal
4. Lace agate
5 Graves Mountain - mineral specimens
6. Beryl
Biggest finds in this area:
1. Two pound two ounces, GOLD NUGGET found by John Thurmond



Local appraisers:
1. Name, contact info/website
Local geocaching/treasure hunting clubs:
Best time of year to go: Georgia's climate varies from the north to south. The northern mountain region is best from March to October. The southern region is best almost any time of the year except possible the heat of the summer. Other helpful resources:
(newspapers, websites, etc)
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Regions can have multiple good spots to go add details to build a complete guide.
Location #1: Young Harris, Georgia

General description: So you are a treasure hunting rockhound. Would you like to learn how to turn your finds into works of art. William Holland School of Lapidary Arts is an incredible opportunity to vacation in the mountains of Georgia and learn the skills to create your own masterpieces.
How to get there:

William Holland School of Lapidary Arts
P.O. Box 980
Young Harris, GA 30582

Young Harris is on HWY 76 near the North Carolina border.
Grade this location: (A to F): A+ Finding treasures is just part of the fun. William Holland helped my wife and I go from being hobby collectors to having a second business. GPS coordinates:

Handy to bring along:
1. A desire to learn
Helpful notes to newcomers: There are facilities on campus to stay the week or there are RV hook ups. The price is very reasonable.

Location #2: Graves Mountain

General description: Graves Mountain one of the best mineral specimen collecting sites in the east. A wide variety of minerals can be found including: rutile, kyanite, iridescent hematite, pyrite, ilmenite, fuchsite, barite, sulfur, blue quartz, hematite coated quartz, lazulite, pyrophyllite, ilmenite,and muscovite.
How to get there: Lincolnton, Georgia is east of Washington, Georgia on HWY 378.

This link provides extensive information from the Georgia Mineral Society, including an intivation to a "Swap and Dig" this October at Graves Mountain.

The Georgia Mineral Society is one of the most active groups associated with the American Federation of Mineral Societies. I have been on digs with the GMS and they are great folks.
Grade this location: (A to F): A GPS coordinates:

Handy to bring along:
1. Everything but the kitchen sink
2. Rock hammer
3. Safety Glasses
4. Hand Truck
5. Small sledge hammer
6. Rock bag or buckets
7. Screen
8. Gloves
Helpful notes to newcomers:

Access to this site is controlled. To plan a field trip contact the Georgia Mineral Society or other local Rockhound organizations.

See Above -( Local treasure hunting clubs) for links to clubs

Location #3: Lace agate and druzy quartz

General description: The lace agate is very similar to the Missouri lace agate (see Missouri National Directory)
The agate is tightly banded chert coated with druzy quartz. It is found over a wide area around Summerville Georgia that extends into Alabama. Bob Miller sold what he called "Alabama Swirl Agate" that was from the same geological formation - the Fort Payne Chert.
How to get there: Summerville Georgia is on HWY 27 northwest of Rome, Georgia. One popular location is an chert quarry just south of town. Always ask permission to collect.
Grade this location: (A to F): B+ GPS coordinates:

Handy to bring along:
1.Buckets or rock bag
2.Rock Hammer
3.Safety glasses
4 Gloves
Helpful notes to newcomers: The material is plentiful and does not require hard rock mining. I have collected enough in one trip on the Alabama side to satisfy my needs for a long time. The agate has druzy stalactites which makes attractive jewelry pieces.

Location #4: Hogg Mine
General description: The mine was featured on the Travel Channel "Cash & Treasures" with Kirsten Gum.

Star Rose quartz, tourmaline crystals, Aquamarine Beryl can be found at this site.
How to get there: The Hogg Mine is located near LaGrange Georgia:

The following link is the Hogg Mine website:
Grade this location: (A to F): A coordinates:

Handy to bring along:
3. Sledge hammer
4. Gloves
5. Safety glasses
Helpful notes to newcomers:
The mine is open only on Friday and Saturday by appointment only. (see above link)
Read the "Cash & Treasure Report"

Location #5: Gold fields of Georgia

General description: Over 500 mines were in operation in Georgia. So much gold was mined that a United States Mint was opened in Dahlonega Georgia. For the coin collector, the D on early US coins stood for Dahlonega. There is still gold in them thar hills. At the price of $850 an ounce, it makes me want to take up gold mining.
How to get there: Dohlonega is located in north central Georgia on HWY 19 north of Atlanta.

Helpful links:
Grade this location: (A to F):
GPS coordinates:

Handy to bring along:
4. For the avid prospector - mining equipment
Helpful notes to newcomers: For the traveling tourist visit the museum and tour a mine; but for the treasure hunter who is serous about finding gold join a prospectors organization.

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